Slot machines represent what kind of reinforcement schedule

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High quality example sentences with “reinforcement machine” in context from reliable sourcesMachine-learning research into formal algorithms for reinforcement learning has developed a basicThe most important component of the slot machine, according to Skinner [60], is the schedule of... PPT - Schedules of reinforcement PowerPoint Presentation -… Simple schedules of reinforcement. Crf. Fr. Vr. Fi. VI. Response-rate schedules of reinforcement. DRL. DRH. Why do ratio schedules produce higher rates of responding than interval schedules?. Inter-response time (IRT). Slideshow 5623208 by asis. Operant-Conditioning Example of Reinforcement Schedules of Reinforcement A Variable Ratio Schedule produces rewards irregularly. The criteria for reinforcement changes, it rotates around an average number of responses. The amount of work required per reinforcement varies somewhat randomly within certain limits (Carpenter, 1974). Schedules of reinforcement

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This is the type of reinforcement seen in gambling, as each next play could provide the big payoff. Skinner found that behaviors rewarded with a variable-ratio schedule were most resistant to extinction. To illustrate this, consider a broken vending machine (fixed ratio) versus a broken slot machine (variable-ratio). Reinforcement Schedules | Introduction to Psychology

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Slot machine manufactures are well aware of the reinforcing power of a win, even if its small and ever so often. They use a type of reinforcement schedule in order to encourage gamblers to continue playing even if they are not reinforced with each pull of the machine.